Everything You Need to Know About Glass Ampoules


Producing the best formulas isn’t as hard as getting them packed in fool-proof packaging. This is where the heroic entry of the glass ampoules kicks in.

Glass ampoules are remarkably impressive packaging resources. To know more about them, stick to us. This blog post floods with valuable info and all that you must know about glass ampoules.

Look no further for the best packaging resource. Your reliable glass ampoules manufacturer is just a click away.

Glass Ampoules — What Exactly Are They?

The hermetically sealed, small glass containers used in pharmaceutical, chemical, and cosmetic industries to protect, preserve, and dispense the formula either in powder or liquid form are known as glass ampoules.

It is the ideal packaging option for substances that must be preserved with a higher degree of protection in an airtight environment to maintain the formula’s integrity, stability, and longevity.

History of Glass Ampoules — From the Archives

Derived from the Latin word “Ampulla”, the glass ampoules have a 1000-year-old history. Ampulla means a bottle and it was the sacred container used to hold the martyr’s blood in the 3rd century.

Also, can Ampulla be traced down to the 12th century when it was used as a vessel to hold oil for the coronation of the French Monarch.

However, the current-day ampoule got its inspiration from Angelo Sala’s ampoule. He was a Latin chemist who first used it to dispense pharmaceutical formulas. Gaining momentum, the idea was a big hit, and until today, it’s one of the most preferred forms of packaging medicines.

Manufacturing Ampoules – Steps in a Glance

The glass ampoule manufacturing is a unique recess, producing a fool-proof packaging solution. Here are the steps.

A Borosilicate glass tube, resistant to heat, chemicals, and breakage is heated until it becomes soft.

The tube is shaped as per the desired design either by blowing, pressing, or drawing. The end is sealed either by heating it or applying a heat-activated adhesive.

The ampoules are then sterilized, packaged, and shipped.

What are Glass Ampoules Used for?

Glass ampoules are used for a variety of purposes. Their main purpose is to protect the formula or sensitive ingredients from contamination. These can be used to dispense pharmaceutical formulas, drugs, cosmetics, and chemicals.

Summing up, these can be used to store;

  • Injectable Pharmaceuticals
  • Hygroscopic Materials
  • Air Sensitive Reagents
  • Analytical Standards

Why Should You Opt. for Glass Ampoules?

Glass ampoules are proven to be one of the most reliable packaging options so far. The points below justify their importance and convince you to consider them to package your valuable formula.

  • Sterile: Since these ampoules are sterilized either by laser or heat, the chance of contamination is almost out of the question.
  • Impermeable: Glass is non-porous and thus impermeable. It creates an inaccessible barrier for foreign invaders, so the ingredients in it stay safe.
  • Breakable & Convenient: These are easily breakable. Anybody can break them easily by gripping their tip at a certain angle. So, it’s super convenient.


Glass ampoules aren’t new to human use. They are regarded for their non-porous, no-invasive presence, making them ideal for packaging sensitive material. They can be used to dispense pharmaceutical drugs, chemicals, and cosmetics.

If you own such a formula, you must approach a reliable glass ampoule manufacturer to not only stay safe but soar.


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