How To Maintain and Take Care of A Vape Pod?


Are you planning to invest in new vapes because your current vape isn’t giving you the output it used to provide? Well, time does play a role in the aging of your vape pods, but most of the time, carelessness while using the pods is responsible for the hassle.

Like everything else, vape pods, too, have a proper care protocol. To increase your pod’s shelf life, you must learn how to care significantly for your vape pod. The maintenance is not too hefty. Follow some standard practices and your vape pods stay longer than before.

So, if your current vape pod hasn’t turned sour, follow our guide in this blog post to accelerate the vape pod’s performance.

Why Should You Take Care Of Your Vape Pod?

Whatever high-end a vape pod is, it still is a device that has a shelf life. Improper and mishandling can lead to its degradation faster than you think. Since we know, it’s not easy to invest in vape pods now and then, maintenance is the key to letting them live longer.

How To Maintain Your Vape Pod?

Maintenance, in other words, refers to cleaning— Deep cleaning. Learn the details in the given sections.

Clean the Vape Tank

Knowing a vape pod for a long, you better understand what a vape tank  is. It holds the magical potion– the liquid. Cleaning of tank regularly is greatly recommended. The best way to clean your vape tank is to wash it gently with warm water with a dash of detergent. You can also use isopropyl alcohol for cleaning purposes.

If your vape tank remains uncleaned for a longer time, it can develop grease, filth, and dirt, which causes the vape pod’s degeneration.

Replace the coil

Coils are one of the most significant parts responsible for vaporizing the e-liquid. The coils can sometimes indicate a problem with the vape if you feel or detect a burned flavor. Since the coils can’t be cleaned, it’s better to replace them regularly after some time to increase the pod’s shelf life.

Avoid Overtightening the Vape Pod’s Components

Once you dismantle your pod for cleaning, ensure gentle tightening. Over-tightening is harmful to the pod’s health.

Avoid Overfilling and Underfilling

Overfilling a vape tank causes leakage of the e-liquid, which is harmful to other components like coil and battery. Underfilling can make you run out of e-liquid since it finishes sooner. The tank becomes dry and can cause a burning taste.

Battery Check Is Necessary

It is recommended to check your battery once a week. Do check the terminals or any filth. The possibility of e-juice spilling over the battery is always there, so double-check the battery and ensure no juice has been spilled over the battery.


To maintain your pod, you must follow a simple care protocol. The protocol demands you check the battery regularly. Take care of the vape tank and keep it clean. Ensure no liquid spills because they can damage the vape’s important parts. Vape pods, like your cars, deserve a service once a week!


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