What is the difference between the access point and the Wi-Fi-range extender?


The Internet has become the oxygen of the modern-day world. Almost everything can be performed on the Internet. To provide this internet to the users, different devices have been made to do this work. They help the users to make benefit and to perform different tasks on the internet without any hurdles.

Access points and Wi-Fi extenders are two of them. These small electronic devices make the internet accessible to computers read more to get information about this. These devices perform the main role of internet delivery but have differences and requirements to use.

What is Access Point?

Access point is a centralized point to receive data, and convey and receive data from the other users. It generally forms a local area network system and acts as a device to get and deliver information. Access points create the wireless delivery system.

You can buy access points with antennas or without them. They are for usage at the greater level. Users can reach it out by using mobiles or other devices. It has standalone functionality and requires external power or a battery to operate. It also provides great security.

What is a Wi-Fi extender?

Sometimes we have the internet at our place but it is not coming to the required place where we want it to be. The problem can be solved by the Wi-Fi extender. It is a device to catch the Wi-Fi signals from the Wi-Fi provider, replicates them, and makes it convenient for the users to use. It is used to increase the Wi-Fi range. It can increase the range but cannot provide a fast speed. This device is for usage at a small level.

Difference between Access point vs Wi-Fi Extender

These devices are different in functionality and knowing the difference between them will help the customers to buy the right thing for them.


If you want to buy a device for your home to make the internet available at every corner then a Wi-Fi extender is a great option. It will simply increase the range and acts as a link between the router and the internet user. It’s best for small area use.

For businesses and offices, Access Point is a great choice. It will not decrease the speed like the Wi-Fi extender but make a network to receive and send data.


Access points are expensive to use and for large businesses, you will need more access points that will shoot the expense. It also requires other pieces of equipment to work. On the other hand, the Wi-Fi extender is cheap and affordable.


The Wi-Fi extender’s performance slow down when we used it. It can reduce the internet speed up to 50% whereas access point’s performance is not affected. Access points can connect up to 100 users at a time and still deliver quality but Wi-Fi can’t work on that level and have a small number of users.

Final words

Access points are for large businesses and systems to manage data requirements. It forms a network. It is expensive to work and requires additional equipment. It will not compromise on the internet quality. A Wi-Fi extender is a simple signal replicator and uses as a bridge between the users and the internet-providing device. It is less expensive but for small-level use. It lowers the internet speed to half. You can select it according to the requirements.


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