Best things you do on Smartphone for entertainment


Travelling is always a very special and exciting thing for all of us. A good long trip can help us to recharge our batteries and freshen up our mind to refocus efficiently on our daily works and life. We need to go to new places and explore them and know about new cultures of the different parts of the world. The experience we gather from it is special and helps us to grow as a person.

Most of the time, it is not about the destination, it is the journey to reach that destination that is actually the most entertaining part of a trip. But, we all probably faced a boring journey or a whole trip in our life. And that is not a cool thing to happen with us in any journey.

The smartphone today we have in our possession at every moment can pull you out of such situations where you might feel bored while on a trip or journey. It can offer you so many things to make your journey a little bit entertaining.

1. Mobile Gaming

The whole digital gaming industry is a huge world right now that offers so many games in different genres and on various platforms. Since the smartphone is the most common thing that usually every people own is the main reason for the popularity of mobile gaming. So you can use your pocket device to play any kind of mobile game by simply downloading one gaming app from the internet to play it on a boring journey. It can keep you busy for a long time with some interesting games if you want.


2. Movies and Shows

The movie and show lovers can easily access any movie or a good show through your mobile while on the roads. Many movies and show streaming sites like Amazon Prime or Netflix can offer you a wide range of libraries of shows which might be a good source to spend your time in a good way. And you can also download some movies or shows on your smartphone to watch them when you need to watch any specific show. Having such downloaded files would help you to watch movies if you go to a place where the internet is not so fast or available all the time.


3. Reading Online

Thanks to technology we do not need to carry heavy books in our bags to read them on a flight or car. You can download any e-book on your device to read them any time you want just by accessing your phone. Digitals files books are also there to download and read on your screen without needing a real book. To know about some news or to read some articles, online publishing platforms are there to provide you many articles on many topics or news which is absolutely free to have. So, reading online can be a good way to make you busy.


4. Social Media Platforms

Social Media networks are one of the most popular things today among people and their impact on any subject is unimaginable. Many people spend so much time on social media platforms every single day by sharing photos, videos, stories, etc, and also watching the content of other people as well. So, it is a very good service that you use to spend a big chunk of your time on a journey. You can share your stuff or scroll to them to watch many shared contents of other people on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc platforms.

YouTube is also a huge source of video content, you can leverage it to kill your boring time by watching many videos from many creators.


5. Video/Audio Calling

Talking with your friends or any favorite person is always a very pleasant thing to spend some quality time. With so many applications for video or audio callings along with chats are very reliable to stay connected with your loved ones. Using Whatsapp or FB messenger etc tools you can easily contact any person from anywhere to have a conversation for a long time. Even direct phone calling is also an option to convert your boring journey into a good one by quality talks.


6. Streaming Music

Music is one of the best companions for a traveler for a long time. It is not a new thing to have. But, modern smartphones took over all the portable music systems like Walkman or iPod for listening to music. And now with many kinds of music streaming sites like Spotify and other platforms, anyone can access music at any time with their phones. You do not need any other device to play your favorite tracks. You can also download music files for offline play if there is no internet to stream music.


7. Podcast

Just like music streaming, podcasts are also an effective thing to watch or listen to on your trip. You can stream or live stream any podcast you love and use them as your entertainment partner and even for motivation or knowledge. It can provide you a very good time to learn something about any matter.


8. Capturing moments

Using your smartphone you can capture any photo or record any video to document your journey and keeping them as memory. It is a very popular practice nowadays to share that content on different social media platforms. So, capture any moment on interesting things along with your photo or group photo to spend the time of your journey. Look for beautiful scenarios which you can frame and share with people.


9. Different Apps for entertainment

In Google Play Store or Apple App Store, people can find an immense amount of apps for various purposes to spend some fun time with them. Apart from gaming, streaming, or social media apps there are other interesting apps you can find which can provide you some good services to give you a little joy. You can install a cartoon maker app or prank app etc for some laughter and make your journey a laughable one. Use your imagination and search for such apps that you think would be entertaining.


10. Google/Siri

Artificial Intelligence is improving day by day and it can make a huge difference in many sectors for the betterment of any business and life. We have such AI to help us as Google Ai or Siri of iPhones can provide many assists with just a simple asking of Ok Google and Hey Siri, followed by the query. They can be your playing partner or entertainment partner on your journey. Asks them any questions to get answers or play with them a quiz game or other games that you can play with them. It will be a lot of fun for a time being with Google or Siri on your Android or iPhone respectively.


11. Use the time to be creative and productive

Any boring journey or trip is one of the best times which you can use to be more creative or productive. With your smartphone, you can do many useful things that are important to you or can help you in your future endeavors. Write any journal on a notepad, edit photos or videos you take on the journey, learning something new with Google and other platforms, research about the places you are about to land, do any official work that is pending for some time, etc. It will not be a bad decision to utilize the time in your favor more conveniently.


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