Flower Gift Box: A Special Kind of Gift Boxes


The act of giving gifts is one of the significant ways of adding value to the relationships we share with friends, family and colleagues. It helps in portraying the love and respect we have towards them. It is a source of happiness to the receiver and self-gratification to the giver.

Regardless of the type of gift, whether expensive or cheap, it should be appreciated by the receiver. The mode of presentation or packaging plays an important role in that aspect. A flower gift box is a type of gift box used in gift packaging.

Importance of a Gift Box

A gift without a gift wrapping is considered incomplete. A gift box or wrapping attaches an element of surprise to the receiver. It adds aesthetics to the gift which helps to create a good first impression and the receiver who is unaware of what they are getting will be eager to see the gift.

Another purpose of a gift box is to protect the gift from improper handling and damages.

How to Make A Flower Gift Box

A flower gift box can either be made from real or faux flowers. Whatever the type, making a flower gift box is an easy process.

Some materials which are needed are:

  • Florist foam
  • Any pretty box of your choice. It can be of any shape (square, heart shaped, round or whichever you want)
  • Aluminium foil, water-proof paper or a plastic trash bag
  • A knife which will be used to cut the floral foam into shape
  • Scissors or garden sheer which will be used in cutting the strong stems of the flowers or wires if faux flowers is being used
  • A can filled with water
  • And most importantly, fresh flowers or faux flowers.

Step to follow

Before anything else, it is wise to display all your working materials in front of you so it’ll be easy to reach when it’s time for use.

  1. Mark out the outline of the foam needed by placing the lid of the box on top of the floral foam to get an approximate area that fits into the box.
  2. Cut to size, the already outlined floral foam.
  3. Place the floral foam in water and let it soak for 10 seconds. Thereafter, remove the foam from the water and let it drain the excess water.
  4. Wrap the wet and drained floral foam with the water proof paper of cellophane and put in the box. This is done to protect the gift box from water and the flowers.
  5. You can now start your flower arrangements. This is the best part as your creativity is needed.

Floral foams are delicate so ensure to cut the flower stem tips at an angle so that they can pierce the foam easily and precisely. They shouldn’t be cut too short or too talk so that they fit perfectly in the box.

When placing the flowers in the foam, ensure to hold them by the stem to avoid damaging the petals.


Giving flowers as a gift is acceptable in almost every culture. It is one of the best ways to express our deepest feelings in an exquisite manner. Every flower has its importance and giving someone the perfect flower is a sure way to brighten someone’s day.


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