How to make your Android phone run faster and smoother


A new Android phone usually runs very smoothly and fast at the beginning but in a short period of time, it started to get slower and unpleasant to use. Even if you buy an expensive smartphone with Android OS, it does not give you the solution of keeping your phone smooth for a longer period.

And soon, we started to find out the tricks or solutions to make our Android device run without any lagging. It is very annoying and frustrating to use a device that does not work fast as it should be. But you can keep your phone smooth and fast with some tricks we are about to mention and you can use them to make your phone user-friendly.

Know your device

The first thing you should do to keep your Android phone in a good condition for fast processing is to know about your new or existing smartphone. Knowing the capabilities, limitations, or features of it helps you to understand how much load it can take or what it can do comfortably. Take advantage of the settings it provides to set your device in an affirmative way to run it according to your need. And you can fix it quickly if you need to change some settings to solve any issue.

Restart your phone regularly

Just like we need sleep to start a day fresh, similarly you can restart your smartphone to give it a fresh start. The best thing you can do is turn off your device to give it some rest and turn it on after some minutes or hours every day. It will help your device to wipe out temporary files and it is very beneficial for the RAM to keep it clear. Rebooting your device would certainly enhance its smoothness.

Keep it updated

Updating frequently your device will help it to recover from issues like bugs and lags. Always look for any new version of Android updates on your phone to update it when it is necessary. Any device facing any bugs or other problems can be fixed with updates. You can also update apps from Playstore in your phone that you use most of the time to use them more accurately without any problem. It is a good practice to have your phone in a good functioning manner.

Clean up the system memory

Like we said earlier, you can clear or close temporary files or unwanted processes in your phone by restarting. The management system of Android is very effective close such things even without any instruction. But, you can consider cleaning the system memory by installing any memory cleaning app such as CCleaner for the sake of your RAM to keep the quality of it. Any unwanted app or file will be closed because of this which will help your system to perform better. Also, you would get some memory back in your device by cleaning it.

Do not install any app you see

Playstore is a huge platform with a large library of apps that you can install for different uses. But, before installing any app, you must check the authenticity or feedback of the app. There are multiple apps available that can make your phone slow and can hack your device to manipulate it. You can use the Play Protect tool provided by Google to scan any app to decide whether it is good to have or not. Have some knowledge about the app before installing and using it.

Uninstall/Disable unnecessary apps

Uninstalling any unwanted app that consumes memory on your phone is always a wise decision to make. The apps we have and install on our phone contributed to fill up the memory space and soon you might struggle with free space in your device. Just keep those apps that you use regularly or require to do some work. Apart from them, uninstall other apps that you do not need to free more memory and help your phone to run faster. You can disable any app it does not have the option to uninstall.

Simple Home Screen

The Home Screen of your phone must be simple and clean. Do not stuff it with icons you do not use frequently. Keep minimum Widgets in it to minimize the load on it. And the most important part is avoiding any kind of live wallpapers which are heavier than normal images. The live wallpapers consume more battery and put an extra load in your phone system which affects the performance. They look good for sure but not user-friendly.

Cached data clearance

The cached data is a thing that increases every time you use any app or platform. Collecting all the Cached data from many apps takes a huge space from your phone memory. Though it helps the apps load faster by pulling the data in the cache you can delete them if you have limited phone memory to free up some space. Or, you can delete cached data of those apps which you do not use regularly. It will surely boost the performance of the device.


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