Ultimate Guide for Garage Doors Maintenance


The garage door is an important part of the house that involves its curb appeal and is used multiple times a day. According to professionals, the proper and timely maintenance of garage doors is important both to preserve their structure and to keep them functional.

You might be thinking about why these doors often demand more maintenance for functioning than other doors in the house. Well, the maintenance of garage doors is important because;

  • They are continuously being exposed to the outer environment
  • Their working mechanism is quite complex
  • Their small damage can cause serious hazards
  • To prolong their life and to keep them efficient
  • They are more costly to repair and reinstall than other doors

This article will provide you with very simple tips that you need to know in order to keep your garage door functional.

1. Be Watchful

One thing that will keep you safe from any damage and danger is your extinction. While using the garage door, be vigilant that the door is working smoothly and quietly. Take immediate action in case you notice any sound or delay indoor functioning.

2. Garage Door Cleaning

Even if your garage door is working fine, you should still clean the door frequently. If daily inspection and cleaning are not possible, then make it once a month.

Garage doors are continuously being exposed to the outer environment that damages their paint and aesthetics. Other than the appearance, corrosion and rusting is also a common issue in a rainy environment.

Schedule an annual tune-up of the door and paint once every five years.

3. Check the Hardware Fittings

Garage doors are used hundred times a month loosening of hardware is common. So, it’s important to check and tighten up the hardware frequently. Do not miss any bolt or fitting.

4. Greasing of Moving Parts

Usually, all the bolts, fittings, and working systems of garage doors are made from metal. To keep the parts functional and efficient, grease them with oil or lithium once a year.

The lubrication not only enhances the door movement but also keeps them safe from corrosion and rusting.

5. Cleaning of Track

Building up debris, dust, and other particles on the track is quite common. Make sure to clean the track regularly. And if the regular cleaning is not possible, clean the track at least once a week. The proper cleaning of the track will allow the seal closing of the door, which blocks the entering of dust into the garage.

6. Inspect the Door Parts

The garage door is not a simple door; it consists of many other small but significant parts, including springs, cable, roller, and opener that ensure the functioning of the door. Because of the small size of these parts, it’s impossible to detect any damage in one glance.

However, a little damage can cause serious problems. So, inspect all the parts properly once in six months. If you detect any damage in the opener and roller, try replacing them immediately. But for spring-related issues, hire a professional rather than solve them yourself.

You can purchase the replacement springs from any garage door springs suppliers at an affordable price.

7. Exam the Safety Features

The safety features are designed to keep the user and vehicles safe. These features are of two types; automatic and mechanical. In mechanical, the door gets reversed by touching any item in its way like a human or vehicle.

While an automatic feature, the door detects the presence of any object in its way with laser beams and gets reversed. Check the safety features by placing any object on track.

The Bottom Line

The garage doors are much more attention and maintenance demanding than other doors. To avoid costly repair and door replacements, make certain to spare some time for door fine-tuning. It is not as hectic and time-consuming as you think.


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