Don’t Miss Out on Learning This Important Stuff About T Post


Have you ever heard about the term t post? Umm, your answer might be no, if you are not from an agricultural background. Let’s learn about what actually this T-post is? T-posts are made up of steel used in the agriculture sector that controls farms’ livestock crops, etc. A t-post is an effective metal post with an anchor inbuilt into the bottom of this post. The work of this anchor is to keep the post buried securely into the ground.

You will be amazed to know that it is the most reliable and pocket-friendly way to keep wildlife away from the farms and houses. T-posts are sometimes also known as Y-post due to their shape. This post can be inserted into the ground after digging a suitable hole.

What Do I Need For A T Post Installation?

Wire Clips, T-posts, T- post drivers, Tape measure, String, and Fence Stretcher, are some materials that are used to install the T-post.

What Are The Installation Steps To Secure A T Post At a Spot?

  • Getting correct size t-posts is the very first and crucial step.
  • Insert t-posts into the ground while keeping the distance of 8 feet in between the corner and the end posts.
  • Use a string line for the second step.
  • The wire clips present on the t-posts should be in the same direction towards the outside of the fenced area.
  • Make sure the post-installed is as much straight as possible.

Some Important Stuff You Should Know Before Getting Started With T Posts

The height of the T-posts should be at least 2 feet longer than the height of the fence. A 5-10 feet T-post will be a good option for steel fence installation. Tall T-posts always prevent the wild animals from jumping over the farms. Apart from the height, the ideal weight of T-posts should be 1.25 pounds, but when it comes to dealing with high pressure, 1.33 pounds weighted T-posts will be best.

Interesting Features To Expand Your Knowledge On T Posts

Cost Efficiency

The cost involved in securing a property using t post is really low. Try comparing the prices with barbed wires or other alternates, and you’ll notice a major difference. Moreover, the installation cost is further low. The mess involved in t post is low, further reducing the installation cost.

High-Level Security

You can secure almost any property with t posts. Usually, land plots, farms, and large properties with open space are covered with t posts. They’re not easy to dismantle. Moreover, they can keep a property safe from infiltration and animals. In the areas with high activities of large animals like bears and elephants, t posts are the only way to go.


T posts are made of materials that can be recycled or reused multiple times. Moreover, all the metal used in its production is obtained from nature. As a result, a t post becomes highly eco-friendly.


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